About Jim Collins Wildlife Artist

You have seen his work, now get to know the man.  A native of New England, Jim Collins captures it's wildlife, in their natural habitats, in exquisite detail.  His unique style captures moments in time, forever.  As an artist, photographer, conservationist, hunter, horticulturalist, woodcarver and teacher; Jim has almost as many layers that define who he is, as there are in his paintings.    

New Hampshire​ Moose

​License Plate

    Fulfilling her wish he ventured into human portraiture, pet portraiture, homes and historical buildings, landscapes and still life.  All of which he mastered and has earned him numerous awards and accolades from news articles, television appearances, magazines, calendars, and cover art.
     He continues to paint at his studio in Plaistow, NH and makes personal appearances performing public painting demonstrations.  Jim's latest venture is that of a teacher.  For the first time, he is offering private art lessons to students who are serious about learning his self-taught technique of multi-layering of acrylics on masonite board. Through his style of painting students can achieve the photo realistic images that has earned him the title of,

"New England's Premiere Wildlife Artist".

Jim Collins

Artist and Designer of the

New Hampshire's

Moose License Plate

see story below

​     ​​​

     When you are driving along and see a car in front of you from New Hampshire, there is a good chance that on the left side of the license plate there is a picture of a Moose.  Now you can say, "I know the man who painted that Moose, Jim Collins".



    Sometimes a childhood fascination stays with us and helps define who we are later on in life.  This is never more evident then in the life of New Hampshire's Wildlife Artist and Environmentalist, Jim Collins.  As a boy he was always sketching wildlife.   Being surrounded by art was nothing new to him.  His mother ran a ceramic studio for over 60 years and encouraged him to develop his artist skills.  Never having formal training in art such as composition, perspective and color, these skills came naturally to him.  Putting his artist gifts aside he pursued a different career path until 1989, when at 37 years old a work injury kept him at home to recuperate.  Jim's fascination with wildlife had never left him.  As an avid collector of conservation stamps that featured waterfowl, game and fish, he began to think about painting a Duck Stamp, one of his favorites.  He mastered the art using a self taught technique in oils and acrylics.  In 1991 he won his first amateur First Place ribbon.  The following year Jim became a professional artist.  In 1995, he won his first convervation stamp for the state of New Jersey's Trout Stamp. Only six years after vowing to paint a Duck Stamp he would achieve his dream with the state of Vermont in 1997.  Since then his wildlife paintings have been on 8 conversation stamps.  He has been commissioned by the state of New Hampshire for Duck Stamps in 1998, 2002, 2005 and 2006.  Jim is best known for his design of the New Hampshire moose license plate.  The moose plate, part of the state's Conservation License Plate program, has earned over 13 million dollars for wildlife and critical resources.

​     Jim's lifelike renderings of wildlife in their natural habitats has earned him the title "Wildlife Artist" but his talents go far beyond that.  One of the last things his mother said to him was "Keep painting and let them see your talent".